Visual Testing (VT)

Even with sophisticated measurement and imaging equipment, visual testing (or visual inspection) remains a useful and relevant method, frequently used in conjunction with other non-destructive testing services, adding to the assurance that all items are free of faults and discontinuities.

Our students will be trained to inspect materials, and weld for flaws, inconsistencies, and distinctive patterns, ensuring that all components are of high quality and uniformity. We teach the industry’s most regarded standards and techniques for thoroughly inspecting each product using VT.

Performing Visual Inspection (VT)

During a visual examination, we search for a variety of different features depending on the type of material or equipment being evaluated.

While each project’s inspection requirements are unique, some of the characteristics to check for include: Cracks, Corrosion, Surface flaws, Dimensional uniformity, and other defects inherent to fabrication like undercutting in welding, and shrinkage cavity in casting etc.